Thursday, May 24, 2007

Garden Goodies

Here is our first beet of the season.
It was the sweetest one that we have ever tasted.
Even Elizabeth (who doesn't like beets) said that we could have had it for dessert.
Our favorite way to eat them is raw on~ salads, raw beet ravioli and just eating them plain.

Beautiful Ruby Chard!

We just love the spring garden. ~Sisters


Anonymous said...

Have you ever grown Rhubarb? If so, do you have any good recipes? We have this one plant that just won't go away and we have LOADS of the stuff. I personally am not very fond of it...

Olivia, age 14

Proverbs 31 Sisters said...

No, we have never grown rhubarb. Actually, we've never tried it. Muddy says her grandmother used to bake rhubarb pies with strawberries, but she has never had any since.

Maybe we'll look into adding that to our garden.