Friday, July 20, 2007

A Fun Homeschool Project

Elizabeth was working on a homeschool project, and then the family decided to go ahead and submit it to the production company.  Sullivan Movies, the production company that created the Anne of Green Gables movies, is producing the prequel to this famous series.  They're looking for someone between 10 and 12 to play the part of Anne prior to coming to Green Gables.  If you would like to see Elizabeth's video audition, you can click here .  If you feel inclined to vote for her audition clip, thanks.  

This was a fun project.  Laura learned so much using a new video camera and working with a new computer making DVDs.  Elizabeth learned quite a bit more of literature, memorization, and just having fun bringing a character of a book to life.

If you'd like to check on the progress, click here for a SAFE web page ONLY for the audition tapes.  (you cannot get to this page any other way)  It only has the audition videos, but just in case, please make sure Mommies are assisting with this.     

We've also been involved in many other projects including a few more farmer's markets.  We'll be posting quite a bit in the next few days about our adventures.  Thanks for visiting our blog.


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Olivia said...


You did great! I watched a few other ones and I think that you were the most natural and dramatic.I hope that you had a really great time doing it.

You both did a great job.