Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Asian Meals

...she brings her food from afar.
Proverbs 31:14

We didn't exactly "bring it from afar"~~ Just from the garden and fridge. However, the style is from "afar" (does that count?) giggles

Some of our favorite meals are asian themed.
Here are a couple of quick and easy lunches
that we made recently. ~~

Asian Stir-fry Wrap~
I made a stir-fry of carrots,
peas, corn, red bell pepper,
cabbage, cremini mushrooms
and some asian flavorings.
I piled it high on romaine lettuce

We normally make our sushi with
whatever we can find in the refrigerator.
This time we didn't have time to make
rice (we always use brown rice so it
takes up to an hour to prepare)
so we pulverized jicama in the
food processor. For the veggies,
we used red bell pepper, romaine
lettuce, avocado, sprouts, and
cucumber from the garden.

We dipped the sushi in organic nama
shoyu (organic soy sauce). Yummy!



Jessica said...

That looks awesome! Can you give me the recipe? :)

Sarah said...

Heeey, looks like good sushi! I am so tired of it since we have been in Japan that I don't think I eat any more! :P Although Grace W. and I have resolved to go eat dog soon! ( it is the season for it... yuk!)

We miss you and can't wait to see you!
Love from korea,

p.s. Your blog is great! It is so wonderful when people use their blog for the Lord.