Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Dinner in a flash...

What do you do with navy beans?

We made a pot of navy beans a couple of weeks ago and ended up running late fixing supper. So here we stand at the stove looking at our pot of beans and asking the above question.

The Answer -- Polenta with Herbed Navy Bean Broth

Sounds pretty fancy huh? Actually we just started throwing things in that sounded good. We first sauteed carrots and celery in coconut oil. Then we threw in a bunch of minced fresh herbs with some onion powder (Daddy's doesn't like onion chunks). We added enough bean broth to taste and ladled it over leftover grits that we "fried" in coconut oil -- thus the polenta. Here is the final result.

The verdict? Here's the answer - It was SOOOOOO delicious. Daddy has asked for a repeat.


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Paula said...

This looks and sounds delicious!!!!