Monday, August 17, 2009

What Have I Been Doing Lately???

Taking pictures for a photo challenge!!!

Here are some of the recent ones:


"high contrast"
"self portrait"
"friend portrait"



Marissa and Andrea said...

Wow, those are awesome pictures! :D Great job! I really like your blog, also.
In Christ,

Proverbs 31 Sisters said...

Thanks so much Marissa!


The DeL Sisters said...

Great pics! Keep it and up and make sure to post more soon:)

Hannah and Esther

Kaitlin said...

Whoa!How did yo do that one water picture?!It's awesome!Love your blog......:) mind if I follow?

Proverbs 31 Sisters said...

Go ahead and follow Kaitlin!

Oh! The water picture was so much fun! I actually took it in our breakfast room. I hung up a baggie full of water on our light fixture, and poked a tiny hole in it with a pin. I used this link to figure it out --

I also used a dark blue color for my paper, and used the tungsten white balance.

Hope that helps!!