Friday, May 6, 2011

Photo Contest is holding a  photo contest!

 This has to be one of my all-time favorite photos in my library...
Renee was so amazing during the shoot!  She was willing to do absolutely anything to get "the perfect shot" ... even model in a  It was the last time I was able to shoot in it due to safety issues (had 70 MPH winds shortly after the shoot), but we both had a blast that day!  Isn't she just gorgeous?!

I haven't posted this shoot yet, and I couldn't wait any longer to release the "sneak peak."  Hay + Cow-Girl Hat and Boots + Wind + Tired After Running and Jumping = This Photo
I'll be posting more from Lizzy's shoot on my blog

Thanks for holding this photo contest!

~~Laura Elizabeth


Jaymi said...

just beautiful!

Nela said...

Great photos! :)

Ruby said...

Hi Laura, I just wanted to say that you really captured the beauty in both those girls and that from now on I'll probably be checking on your blog more often, because I'm constantly looking for more ideas for my own photography.
~Sincerely Ruby