Friday, March 30, 2007

Dog Food Thieves

I saw this little robber out the kitchen window!

This less than beautiful robber was creeping around until our dog found him!
(No harm came to these little robbers except for a terrible shock from a scared barking little Bichon Frise) ~~Laura


By Elizabeth

I had a great sighting today of a beautiful bluebird and a mischievous squirrel! I was just finishing up my mathematics, when lo and behold, a squirrel came to my view! It was rather small, with a grayish brownish tint. I watched it furtively with interested eyes, as it hopped from one branch to another, and he made it very clear that he wanted to transport himself over to the next tree. Among all this fruitful activity, he plunged forth into the branches, lightly landing on all the pretty leaves that were shaded so delicately. As I watched, I noticed that it's small little feet were straining to make each landing profitable, and that it's toes were gripping the branches every so lightly! And to my sudden surprise, it had swiftly gone up to the very top of the tree and tried to jump to the next tree, but with little success. It's next try, it went up even higher, and swinging itself to and fro, it made it's desired landing. I was amazed at how far it flew to the next tree, and with such alacrity as well! When it had disappeared from my eyes' view, I saw a lovely bluebird that was sitting on the limb of a tree, singing away it's happy song, when it suddenly dove at a 100° angle down to a stump. I was shocked! If any other bird had tried such a thing it would have been sudden death. But the bluebird had such a gift, as to make it an easy glide with ease and grace. God made bluebirds and squirrels very special for his wonderful plan.


Lady Lydia Speaks said...

One of my friends who has developed her yard with ponds and bridges, and so forth, made a wonderful pond and stocked it with decorative fish. She made sure she had the rocks up on the sides so no critter could get in, but a raccoon cleverly pushed all the rocks into the pond so it could walk across and get the fish! When she got up the next day, the fish were gone and the pond was full of large rocks.

Audra Elizabeth said...

You're composition was quite good!