Saturday, May 23, 2009


Boy has this been a busy year so far!  Farmers' markets, sewing, websites, photography classes, baking, knitting, harp lessons, music recitals, guitar playing, candle dipping, soap making, birthday's...... we have done it all!  whew!  So many things to post about!  

Well, to start off I would like to mention that is getting a makeover!  Elizabeth and I are making new additions faster than I can get pictures of them and then uploaded them on the site.  We are adding - funky, retro aprons, organic baby items including burpies, booties, hats and blankets, tea cozies, hand-dipped candles, homemade soaps, wonderful smelling lavender products, hand knit dishcloths, spa sets, and a bunch more that I can't think of at the moment!  ;-) 

A new addition to my list of "things that I love to do" is a photography business!  Yes is under construction!  Finally!!  :-)

Well, I will be posting our candle-dipping pictures as well as everything else that we have been up to very soon, so keep an eye out!


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The DeL Sisters said...

Wow! you updated!

I can hardly wait to see you new photo site!
Thanks for those recipes.........oh yeah, could you get me that bread recipe that you have the picture of......under this post?!?!?