Thursday, June 4, 2009

Candles part 1

Don't know what yall think, but around here NOTHING smells better than 100% pure beeswax! MMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmm!!!!

I love the sweet honey-like smell that our hand-dipped beeswax candles make.
Here is part 1 of our journey of candle dipping..........

We started with 6 huge blocks (that equaled 17.2 pounds) of pure beeswax..........

Yes we did make a HUGE mess chopping these big blocks into smaller pieces! ;-)

As our harp teacher would tell you, I had several big blisters from scrubbing our "waxed" floor after it had a big layer of wax on it! Ouch!
We found this old pan and wonderful cast-iron skillet at goodwill-- love that store!!

Elizabeth had a wonderful time taping down a ton of paper that turned out to be of no use to our tile floor.......... but it saved all of our counter tops!!! ;-)

Our dad gave us these "weights" from his tool box and we tied cotton wicking to them. Now we are all ready to dip!

P.S. We have this old bar attachment to our riding lawn mower that we don't use -- yep!, you guessed it -- perfect place to hang our candles to cool! ;-)



The DeL Sisters said...

I hope your hands are feeling better Laura!


Proverbs 31 Sisters said...

Oh yes! Yesterday I was able to practice for over an hour.... today also! I am having fun changing the levers.....almost have it down. ;-)

Christa said...

Hi from Tennessee,
I was wondering where you got your beeswax.
By the way, your candles looks beautiful!


Mrs. Smith

Laura Elizabeth said...

Hi Mrs. Smith!

Thanks so much! We had a very fun and messy time making these. They smell awesome! :D

We bought this beeswax from a bee company that sells on ebay--Smitty Bee. You have to do quite a bit of research on the different amounts and their prices. We sat there pouring over all their entries with a calculator to find the best price.

In the future we'd like to buy from a local source. Although they're a little more costly, it's nice to buy local.

Actually, we've even bought books on beekeeeping to possibly keep bees ourselves. Now that would be fun.