Wednesday, January 12, 2011

{ Did Somebody Mention Sledding? }

Here are some of the sledding photos!  Enjoy!

 Yes, you are seeing this photo correctly -- Lizzy and I have our ice skates the driveway....and you know what?  We were able to skate!  

Of course we had to take a silly photo!  haha

Happy Wednesday!

~~Laura Elizabeth


The DeL Sisters said...

I love the pictures of you all in the snow! The one of your Mom is so cute:)


Marissa said...

Aw what a fun family activity! :) Great pictures! :)

Allison said...

O very fun! Enjoy all that whit stuff for us Southern folk :)

Nice pic of your "triple clutz"...I mean "lutzes" (that is an ice-skating word, right? I only hear these things from the Olympics...)

Looove the new header too!