Monday, January 10, 2011

Guess What We Are Doing?

Well, more on all of this later.....I'm heading out to go sled now!  

Yes, those are 3D glasses....and yes, I'll have more explanations and photos later :D

~~Laura Elizabeth


The DeL Sisters said...

We could not figure out who was behind the sunglasses at first glance. We thought maybe you adopted a new sister to be a extra farm hand:)
Hannah and Esther

Catrina said...

Lizzy, I love your glasses! :D 3D glasses and snow? What could you two possibly have up your sleeves!

Miss you girls so much!


Olivia Howard said...

Looks like fun! We did a bit of sledding today, too... although we ended up having more fun being puleed behind an ATV on a carhood... yeah, redneck, we know. And then a snowball fight boys vs girls that lasted 45 minutes. :D Do y'all have a hill for sledding?

Love the 3ds... I saw two other people wearing them in the snow this afternoon... although they popped the lenses out. :D

See you soon? :D <3 <3