Sunday, April 15, 2007

Salad Time

Here is another salad idea ~
Organic baby greens, organic romaine hearts, organic spinach, red bell pepper, grated organic carrots, grated organic beet, chopped organic red onion, artichoke hearts and capers. We topped this salad off with a dressing that has organic fresh lemon juice, dijon mustard, organic olive oil, and celtic sea salt.

We normally won't post on a Sunday but this was too beautiful and the whole family got in on taking the photos! ~~Sisters

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Anonymous said...

I finally know what a Caper is. All this time I thought it was some type of creature from the sea. I finally looked it up in the dictionary. Oh brother (I have six of them I am the only sister to 5 of them.) What took me so long to look this up or just ask someone,
what a caper is.
I am going to have to try your recipes. They look so good. Anymore I love simple recipes. I love the 3 or 4 ingredient cookbooks. Not counting the use of water. I think you should write a cookbook too as suggested by someone else. Celtic salt is better for you. I just went and bought some more. My dd was making something and dropped my celtic salt in a Pumpkin batter.