Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Sewing Machine Poll

Do you have a favorite sewing machine? Please post a comment and tell us your favorite and what features you like best. I love sewing sew........ much and Elizabeth is starting to learn also. Sharing one machine isn't easy. I'm currently using my mother's machine and am starting to look around for one of my own. Thanks for your opinions.



Mrs. Scott said...

Laura & Elizabeth
I have been reading your blog for a little bit. I have been sewing for years now (like 40+ years). I have sewn on quite a few different sewing machines, and own quite a few. My favoriate non computerized machine is a Singer 401. It is from the 1950s-1960s. It was the top of the line back then---I see them for sale quite often for about $100.00 or so. It has zig zags, and has cams to give different stitching designs.

I have a new Brother computerized embroidery machine. My husband purchased for me last summer, my daughter who is learning disabled can use this quite easily. It is self threading, and will even tell you when your bobbin is getting ready to run out. Really neat.

I know this is kind of long, but really to me my advice is to purchase an older machine---like from the late 1950s to 1960s because they were made out of metal and do not wear out very easily.

Mrs. Scott

Leslie said...

My machine is a Singer Quantum Furura sewing/embroidery machine. I love it because of the combined ability for sewing and embroidery. I plug up my laptop to access the files for embroidering.