Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Pizza Fridays

Our whole family enjoys pizza, but each in our own way. Muddy likes it raw, Daddy has to have the meat, Elizabeth likes a variety but absolutely NO tomato chunks, and Laura ~~Everything but the ONIONS! Here are 2 pictures of our most recent pizza feast.

Laura mills fresh whole wheat flour and makes the dough from scratch. We then go out to the garden and find some of our toppings -- The pizza below has eggplant, greens and fresh herbs. Then we saute and add anything we have on hand. Some items include - olives, artichoke hearts, home-dried tomatoes, red onions (for Muddy), peppers, home-canned tomato sauce, shitake mushrooms, and turkey sausage for Daddy.

The bottom is a calzone which is everything stuffed into the dough, baked, and then dipped into tomato sauce.


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