Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Serving Muddy

Not only is Muddy a vegetarian, but she is also a raw vegan. We also eat mostly raw, so we enjoy our meals together. Here was a surprise lunch that we made while she was out. She enjoyed it so much that she had us repeat it for her lunch in the car on the way to Santa Fe.

The yellow dish contained a raw mock egg salad -- but boy did it taste like the real thing. We used fresh dill from the garden which made it extra eggy special.

The stuffed mushrooms were unbelievable! Raw shitakes soften nicely with the marinade.

Our favorite is always the SUSHI! We make it ourselves with all of the fresh veggies we can find. Sweet rice miso is a very nice substitute for the white sushi rice as well as ground jicama or cauliflower. We are showing two variations below--Elizabeth's and Laura's.

Just keep raw nori sheets on hand and voila! Veggie sushi in seconds.


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