Saturday, January 12, 2008

My Laundry Guest

It was my job to bring down all the dirty laundry from upstairs. After sorting it all I then started a load.....closed the washing machine door.......turned around and....SCREAMED! To my surprise this thing appeared. Did it come from upstairs? Did it come from outside? (the utility room is inside the house between the family room and garage) Also, the last load that it could have come from was Daddy's closet.....ooooo.....yucky! What has Daddy been up to-- a new science experiment? Or a plot to scare his daughter silly?


P.S. -- After such a scare I was too shaken to take care of the critter. Muddy to the rescue-- she kindly escorted our friend outside via a cup. Thank you!

Once outside, the critter made friends with a scared little pooch, who had an intention to try to eat it. But 2 inches away from this horrible fate, our little friend made such a racket that Mr. Bingley ran back inside.

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