Saturday, January 12, 2008

Tuesday's Box

"She is like the merchant ships, she brings her food from afar."
Proverbs 31:14

Well, not too afar. And we don't bring it. It comes to us.

We really believe in eating in season and locally grown organic produce (including from our own garden). Lot's more nutrition, and much better flavor. It's even fun to anticipate and wait for certain foods to come in season -- like the first tasty strawberries or juicy citrus.

It's been hard in the past to stick to, but now with a wonderful new delivery service, we have everything brought right to our door. There's a company called based out of Austin that delivers beautiful in season, locally grown produce to both the Austin and San Antonio areas. They get the fruits and veggies from local farmers who use organic practices in growing their goodies.

Our boxes are delivered every Tuesday afternoon right to our front door. The fruits and veggies are bigger and better than we can find in even Whole Foods as well as items not even carried in any stores around here. We've been able to try different varieties than we've ever eaten.

They have FABULOUS customer service, and everyone is so nice and helpful. The delivery guys even write personal notes on our inventory sheets attached to the boxes.

We've been signed up with Greenling's for around 8 weeks now, and get really excited every Tuesday as if it's our birthday, wondering what treats we'll find in our boxes.

One local produce box is good for about a family of four, but since we eat mainly fruits and veggies, we order two (along with cases of grapefruit and meyer lemons...yummm).

Here are a couple of pictures of our box a few weeks ago.

~~ Sisters and Muddy

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