Friday, June 29, 2007

The Fawn ~~ by Elizabeth

I was looking at the picture that we took of the two fawns and was inspired to write a poetic story:

Under a great masted oak sat a fawn with wistful unflinching eyes,
gazing on the bright beautiful sun that shone upon the masterpiece of God's creation~~nature.

The trees waved gently in the hollow wind
that passed unconsciously through the stillness of the leaves.

The little fawn trembled at the sight of a rabbit
hopping about on the rich brown earth that was firmly implanted below the stems of the green grass.

Then the sun died into a white clear moon
that shone brighter than the stars in the heavens above.

It was night beheld in a suspense of darkness, faded with clouds of dark purple hue.

The fawn lay down in the sweet smelling earth and fell asleep.


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