Wednesday, June 6, 2007

High Tea At Home

Whew!!! What a busy week we've had. It's not finished yet, but we wanted to share some of what we've been doing lately. You'll be seeing the end of our bird story soon as well as another canning session and more handwork. So, on with some more posts.

We decided to have high tea at home, just the same as the one we had at The Empress. We pulled out our china that we've been collecting from antique stores over the years. It doesn't all match, Muddy just buys pieces here and there when she finds something she likes~~it makes it more fun. We used dessert glasses from World Market for the fruit, and our background music was a CD that The Empress sells in their tea shop. It is variations on Pachelbel's Canon with ocean sounds from their island.

We started out with the healthy part again. Ours was a fruit mixture of raspberries, strawberries and grapes~~all organic, of course.☺

Next, we had three types of tea sandwiches. We made ours from recipes in the tea book from The Empress, except we used whole wheat bread instead of white.

Here are the carrot, ginger, cream cheese sandwiches.

Next are the cucumber, horseradish, cream cheese.

Finally, our favorites~~egg salad on toasted baguette slices.
Laura doesn't like egg salad at all, but these turned out to be her favorite sandwiches ever! (Muddy's too)

These are the scones. We used their recipe instead of ours since it was Empress day. These were quite yummy, but ohhhhhh so rich and fattening. You could really taste all the heavy cream and butter that was used. Well, at least we used all organic ingredients? Does that count?

This is what happens when one gets talking and forgets she is whipping cream in a mixer. Butter anyone? Oops. Thankfully, we had extra cream from the scones to make more. Fresh Butter was served to the head of the household for dinner☺

Here's the finished product. Scones made even more decadent by adding homemade whipped cream and home canned strawberry preserves. Our father dove into these when he got home.

Of course, what's a tea party without tea?

Two types of tea was way too much, but really gooooood~~
Organic decaf--Earl Grey and China Green. Wonder why we drank so much at The Empress, but couldn't finish ours at home? It made great iced tea for Daddy at dinnertime.


Oops! We told you we weren't professional photographers.
We'll have to learn how to rotate our pictures on this sight.

That's all folks! Giggles


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this wonderful idea. My mom loves having tea and I'm now inspired to host a small tea for my mom and sister at my home.


jessica said...

Wow all that stuff looks great!