Sunday, September 9, 2007


We're so sorry we've been neglecting the blog the last few weeks. With the winding down of summer came activities that just took alot of our time. Farmers markets and an out of town photography class took a good chunk. But we're back, and we'll try our best now to post at least twice a week. There's so much to share. We have, at least, been collecting pictures ready to post. So beware of an avalanche. Hope you enjoy, and we love receiving your comments. We'll try our hardest to respond.

By the way, Elizabeth and our Mr. Bingley were watching me rollerblade this afternoon. They were hanging out in the back of our van keeping me company while I got a bit of exercise in. Elizabeth was a bystander because her knees have been bothering her -- Muddy thinks she's going through another growth spurt.


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