Thursday, September 20, 2007

Is it mine or his?

I made some homemade doggie biscuits for our Mr. Bingley. In this first picture we are having him "leave it". That is something that we have taught him to obey before he digs into treats. He won't even trust himself to look at it until the person that said 'leave it' says 'OK!'.

The second picture is me trying the treat myself. (with Mr. Bingley eying me) ~~~ They were really good!

We will have some of these treats for tomorrows farmers market.


(And no he did not eat the whole plate....we allowed him just one)


Anonymous said...

I saw your article in the newspaper. You girls are so creative!
I play harp and my family have recently moved to San Antonio!
What kind of harp are you all looking for?
Love your site! I'm a homeschooled christian, who loves to bake also!
Keep up the good work!

Love from our Lord Jesus Christ!
Hannah DeLadurantey

Anonymous said...

I saw your article in the newspaper. I play harp and love to bake! My family just moved to San Antonio. We attend Boerne Christian Assembly. I saw that you have So Much More listed as one of your favorite books. We attend church with Anna and Elisabeth!
What kind of harp are you looking for?

Love and God Bless!

Hannah DeLadurantey

Proverbs 31 Sisters said...

Would you mind emailing us at ? We have a couple of questions for you. Also if you stop by the farmers market we will have some tickets for a concert~~~Musical Bridges Around The World. They are going to have a harpist! It is on Sunday at 3:00 pm.


Olivia said...

Mr. Bingley looks so cute, especially in that first picture.You must have trained him really well.