Sunday, September 9, 2007

Happy Birthday Laura!

Thought we would start at the end of July--My 16th Birthday. It was a pretty special one because my parents went halvsies with me on my new sewing machine! My old one (Elizabeth calls it her new Elna Jane) just wasn't giving me the right tension -- so my parents surprised me with the idea of helping pay for one so I could get it immediately. Of course, as soon as the new one entered the house, Elna Jane acted perfectly--good for Elizabeth.

Since I'm the baker of the family, I like to make all the birthday cakes--even my own. This wasn't actually a cake, but it did the job just fine. I found this recipe for chocolate zucchini muffins on Debbie's Blog. I'm up for anything with chocolate. I have made these three times since then, and have even changed the recipe --- keep an eye out for the new version in our upcoming cookbook.

Daddy took the family to dinner for our celebration. Muddy and I asked the waiter to make special salads. The waiter later told us that the chefs in the kitchen were so excited and had alot of fun coming up with something different and special. Here's the result. It has lots of veggies, mango, raspberries, avocado, as well as a beautiful chunk of brie--my favorite.

The waiter then surprised me with a little birthday candle on my dessert plate. What a special ending to a perfect birthday!



Olivia said...

Happy birthday, Laura! It looks like you had a GREAT day.All that food look so delicious.


P.S. I wonder how the waiter got the candle to stick to the plate?

Anonymous said...

I haven't been here for awhile. Happy Belated Birthday Laura! I am curious to know how the candle was stuck to the plate also. I am here watching one of my Nieces home and cats. She is a Pastry Chef. I'll have to ask her when she comes home. I'll pray that you'll have a Blessed Year! May the Lord Bless Your Life Always! Heather